Wye is a sector on the planet Trantor. Like most other Trantorian sectors, it enjoys a certain level of autonomy and independence. Wye is first encountered in Prelude to Foundation - it is the last of the four Trantorian sectors that Hari Seldon visits during his flight from Emperor Cleon I. The Mayors of Wye (who are the executive leaders) often have ambitions on the Imperial throne - in the past, a few Emperors had hailed from the sector (though they are often portrayed as having been inept).

Wye plays an important role both during The Flight and during the Joranumite Conspiracy. At the very end of the Flight, Wye's mayor, Rashelle, almost kills Hari Seldon with a blaster, and only stops because Raych Seldon physically puts himself between Seldon and the blaster.

In Prelude to FoundationEdit

The reader comes accross Wye for the first time in Prelude to Foundation, which is chronologically the first Foundation novel. It is at the end of The Flight when Hari Seldon, Dors Venabili and the young Raych Seldon (who was not even adopted by Hari and Dors yet, at that point) take refuge in Wye after having barely escaped Mycogen after defiling the Mycogenian taboos and traditions. They are initially well-received by Rashelle, the mayor of Wye and a descendant of Mannix IV, who had been emperor centueis ago, and a rather medicore one. Rashelle is definitely interested in Seldon and Psychohistory, but she is also greatly taken by Raych, whom she pampers excessively. Eventually, however... (will be continued with an edit soon)