Encyclopedia Galactica

TERMINUS -- Terminus is a class-E world located just beyond the ancient Prefect of Anacreon. It was first discovered in 11504 GE by Captain Elak Horbus of the Imperial Survey Service. Its location was an odd one for the role it was called upon to play in Galactic history, and yet as many writers have never tired of pointing out, an inevitable one. Located on the very fringe of the Galactic spiral, an only planet of an isolated sun, poor in resources and negligible in economic value, it was never settled in the five centuries after its discovery until the landing of the Encyclopedists in 12068 GE.

Sector Anacreon
Location Outer Rim
Surface Area 907,388 km²

Terminus is the name of a planet in the Anacreon Prefecture, located in the edges of the galaxy (in the Periphery), far away from Trantor. Terminus was chosen as the site of the First Foundation by Hari Seldon. The planet was terraformed by the people Seldon in charge to create the Encyclopedia Galactica and its members became the pioneers in making the planet habitable and technologically advanced more than the rest of the Galaxy at large.

Terminus was close to other sectors in the Galaxy which in time cause different crisis, which Seldon pre-visualized using Psychohistory to prevent chaos.