Raych Seldon
Raych Seldon
Gender Male
Homeworld Dahl
Affiliation Adopted son of Hari Seldon

Raych Seldon was Hari Seldon and Dors Venabili's adopted son. He is first encountered in Prelude to Foundation, on the Trantoritan sector of Dahl. He initially helps Seldon and Venabili locate Mother Rittah, and then helps them escape from Dahl to Wye. He is thereafter adopted by the couple and remains with them in subsequent adventures.


Raych is first encountered in the Foundation series as a 12 year old street urchin living in the rather lawless streets of Billibutton, a slum area of Dahl. At first, he is very insolent toward Seldon and Venabili, but eventually helps them locate Mother Rittah, whose information helps Seldon understand R. Daneel Olivaw better and even lay some of the foundations of Psychohistory.

When Raych grows up, Hari Seldon starts asking him for help mainly with maintaining the integrity of the empire. Before Seldon becomes First Minister, the Joranumite Conspiracy begins, and Seldon asks Raych to infiltrate the ranks of the Joranumites. Raych has no problem convincing Laskin Joranum, the leader of the conspiracy, to bet the success of his campaign on the revelation that Eto Demerzel, the First Minister, is in fact a robot. Despite the fact that this is true (Eto Demerzel being the same as R. Daneel Olivaw), Seldon and Demerzel make a point of convincing the people that such an idea is a ridiculous one. This, along with the revelation that Laskin Joranum is actually a citizen of Mycogen, and not an unimportant world in the Periphery, discredits the Joranumite movement.

It is important to mention that as an adult, Raych sported the characteristic Daglite mustache - dark and full.

Many years later, when Hari Seldon is First Minister of the Galactic Empire, he asks Raych again to infiltrate the remnants of the Joranumite Conspiracy, under the leadership of Namarti. He is obliged to shave his mustache and change his appearance to infiltrate the movement. However, is cover is quickly blown, and he is put under the influence of Desperance, a drug that allows for mind control.