John Carson portraying R. Daneel Olivaw from a 1967 version of "Caves of Steel."

R. Daneel Olivaw, a.k.a. Chetter Hummin, a.k.a. Eto Demerzel, is an ancient robot, from the planet Aurora, who, in the Foundation series, hides his robot origins and discreetly helps humanity and the Empire. For a time, he serves as a First Minister to Emperor Cleon I as Eto Demerzel, right as Hari Seldon begins developing his theories of psychohistory.

Biography (as featured in the Foundation Series)Edit

His first appearance in the Foundation Series is in Prelude to Foundation, in which Olivaw, under the false name Eto Demerzel, has become the First Minister of Emperor Cleon I. Absolutely no one is aware of his origins or of his robotic nature. He simply served Cleon I's father as First Minister and subsequently is serving Cleon I. He is depicted as shrewd, calculating, and rather wise, often recommending prudence and leniency to an Emperor Cleon I who occasionally wants to make a show of his power. When Hari Seldon is noticed by the Emperor and Demerzel (due to his theory of psychohistory), it is supposedly from them that he takes flight. However, Seldon, unbeknownst to him, soon meets Olivaw again, who is this time disguised as the reporter Chetter Hummin. Hummin advises Seldon to take flight into Streeling University, where he also introduces Seldon to Dors Venabili.