Prelude to Foundation
Prelude to Foundation
Author Isaac Asimov
Country United States
Language English
Publisher Doubleday
Released 1988
Genre Sci-fi
Pages 403
Followed by Foundation's Fear

Prelude to Foundation is, chronologically , the first novel in the Foundation series. However, it wasn't published until 1988, making it the sixth Foundation series novel published by Asimov. It deals mainly with the very beginnings of Psychohistory, and offers the early backgrounds of characters such as Hari Seldon, R. Daneel Olivaw and Dors Venabili.


Prelude to Foundation begins when Hari Seldon, a young mathematician of about 30 years old from the planet of Helicon, is invited to speak at the Decennial Convention, a mathematicla convention where the greatest new mathematical theories are presented.