Mycogen is a sector of the planet Trantor, autonomous like most other sectors, and posessing a rich, peculiar culture and a mythology that suggests that all Mycogenians are descendants of humans who lived on a single planet in the beginning of time. Mycogen is first encountered in Prelude to Foundation, when, Hari Seldon, during The Flight, is sent to Mycogen by Chetter Hummin in order to quietly work on developing the fundamentals of Psychohistory.

Customs & BeliefsEdit

Unlike most sectors of Trantor, and indeed, unlike most planets in the Galaxy, the Mycogenians have a conservative society in which women are generally subservient to men, and will not speak much in their presence or challenge them in any other way.

The Mycogenians also practice depilation, meaning they remove all hair from their hairs and faces. They do so in order to know each other and remain differentiated from the rest of the Galaxy's populations.

The Mycogenians believe that they all came from a planet called Aurora, which was the home planet of the whole human race millennia ago. They are religious folk, although they don't call it religion, and their sacred texts speak of robots, which initially puts the idea in Hari Seldon that Eto Demerzel and Dors Venabili might be robots.

Commerce & EconomyEdit

Mycogen is renowned for its production of food products that are much more pleasant to the palate than any other products produced elsewhere in the Empire. The Mycogenians are quite aware, and quite proud of this fact.