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Isaac Asimov, author of the Foundation series.

Welcome to the Foundation Series WikiEdit

The Foundation Series Wikia focuses entirely on Issac Asimov's Foundation Series. This series has great potential to become one of the most widely-known and respected fantasy/sci-fi series, if only more people were exposed to it. Please feel free to contribute as much as possible, as this Wikia is a communal project. The Wikia is still very new, and the information on it is being constantly updated.

The Foundation SeriesEdit

Foundation is a science fiction series written by Isaac Asimov back in 1942. It started off as eight storing in Astounding Magazine between then and 1950. The first volume, Foundation, was published in 1951, being followed by Foundation and Empire and the final story Second Foundation. The entire trilogy focused on Psycohistory, a mathematical science created by a mathematician that uses human emotions for equations, being able to predict the future. The novels were a huge success, but never got the recognition from the readers as thought. He stopped working on the books, as he was finally done.

In 1982, the publishers wanted him to write more books on the Foundation series. It was then he wrote Foundation's Edge, being the first sequel to the trilogy, which was then followed by another, Foundation and Earth in 1986. Afterwards, Asimov wrote two prequels, Prelude to Foundation (1988) and Forward the Foundation (1993). After his death in 1992, another trilogy was written by other authors, which intertwine with the Foundation series that Asimov wrote. The series intertwines with his Robots and Empire series.

The World of FoundationEdit

The events of the Foundation series occur over a long period of time, but they all occur about 50,000 years into the future (or perhaps 22,000 years, there is some internal inconsistency on this issue). In this distant future, mankind has mastered inter-stellar travel at faster-than-light speeds, and has colonized the entire Galaxy. There are twenty-five million inhabited planets in the Galaxy. The capital planet alone, Trantor, is home to forty billion humans. At the beginning of the series, all of these planets pledge allegiance to the Galactic Empire, with its seat in Trantor, and ruled by the Emperor and his First Minister.

Main Plot SummaryEdit

The Foundation Series mostly focuses on the development and consequences of Psychohistory, a specialized branch of mathematics that reduces the behavior of masses of humanity into equations, and can thus predict the future with a certain statistical accuracy. Developed by Professor Hari Seldon and his colleagues (notably Yugo Amaryl and his grand-daughter Wanda Seldon) after more than 35 years of work, psychohistory predicts the destruction of the Galactic Empire. Though this destruction is inevitable, the interregnum between it and the rise of a second, more powerful empire can be shortened from 30,000 years to a single millennium if certain actions are taken. It is in order to shorten this interregnum, and to steer humanity in the right direction, that Hari Seldon establishes two Foundations at opposite ends of the Galaxy to preserve human knowledge and guide humanity's hand.