Foundation and Empire
Author Isaac Asimov
Country United States
Language English
Publisher Gnome Press
Released 1952
Genre Sci-fi
Pages 247
Proceeded by Foundation
Followed by Second Foundation

Foundation and Empire is the second novel in the Foundation series, and also the second in the original Foundation Trilogy . The events it depicts take place about fifty years after the establishment of the twin foundations by Hari Seldon . The book was published in 1952, by Gnome Press.


Foundation and Empire’s plot is divided into two major storylines. The first, under the heading of “The General,” is mostly concerned with the Imperial General Bel Riose, who represents that last of the First Galactic Empire’s strength, looking for, finding, and challenging the First Foundation on Terminus. The second part of the Book, under the heading of “The Mule,” is concerned with The Mule, a mutant of mysterious origins (in Foundation’s Edge, it is revealed that The Mule was a renegade citizen of the planet Gaia). The Mule, thanks to his unheard-of powers of mind-bending, almost destroys the Seldon plan by taking over a vast chunk of the universe. At the same time, Bayta Darrell, Toran Darrell, and the academic Ebling Mis are looking for the Second Foundation, on behalf of the first. They cross paths with The Mule, who, unbeknownst to them, accompanies them on their journey and also strives to discover the location of the Second Foundation, in order to complete his domination of the Galaxy.