Author Isaac Asimov
Country United States
Language English
Publisher Gnome Press
Released 1951
Genre Sci-fi
Pages 255
Proceeded by Foundation's Triumph
Followed by Foundation and Empire

Foundation is the first book ever written in the Foundation Universe. It was written in 1951 by Issac Asimov. The basis of the book is five separate short stories taking place one after the other. The book was originally meant to be five separate stories, but when Gnome Press looked at it, they decided that putting them together would work better, and thus it happened. The entire Foundation Universe is considered by many to be Asimov's best work.


The PsychohistoriansEdit

The Galactic Empire is appeared to be a stable government, but underneath it's crumbling. Hari Seldon, a mathematician, uses a new type of math that can predict future events. Seldon uses psycohistory and discovers the decline of the Empire. When word gets around, he is seen committing treason. He and Gaal Dornick are arrested on Trantor. He is tried, and defends himself by showing his math and how the Empire will collapse within 300 years. He begins to offer alternatives, one of them being the Encyclopedia Galactica, meaning to turn the upcoming dark age to a minimum length. Seeing through this, the committee exiles Seldon to Terminus, where he continues to work on the Encyclopedia.

The EncyclopedistsEdit

Fifty years after part I, it goes back to Terminus, where there is a Board of Trustees that works continuously on the Encyclopedia.

The MayorsEdit

The TradersEdit

The Merchant PrincesEdit