Forward the Foundation
Forward the Foundation
Author Isaac Asimov
Country United States
Language English
Publisher Doubleday
Released 1993
Genre Sci-fi
Pages 417
Proceeded by Foundation's Fear
Followed by Foundation and Chaos

Forward to Foundation is the second novel in the Foundation series. It picks up eight years after Prelude to Foundation. It continues to describe the life of Hari Seldon and his close associates during the last years of the Galactic Empire, while Seldon and his friends are still trying to perfect the science of Psychohistory.


Eto DemerzelEdit

There are concerns the rise of a sort of conspiratorial group that wants to overthrow First Minister Demerzel. A man named Laskin Joranum is becoming popular on Trantor, which is brought to Hari Seldon's attention by Yugo Amaryl, who is with Seldon in the Psychohistory Project at Streeling University. Soon after Yugo's warning, Hari breaks up an assembly on the campus, being led by Gambol Deen Namarti, who was Joranum's right-hand man in the Joranamite movement.

Hari soon becomes concerned about Demerzel's safety. When Hari goes to see Demerzel, he hopes the he may be doing something to stop Joranum. Demerzel is doing all he can, but he tells Hari it's not enough. Hari knew that he will have to do something himself, though neither of them has any idea what. Hari had determined that Joranum was not, as he claimed, from the provincial world of Nishaya. In fact, his guess was that Joranum was actually from the Mycogen Sector of Trantor. Joranum's message of equality for all sectors appealed to people from the Dahl Sector, like Raych. So, he came up with a plan of sending Raych to Dahl, in the hopes of meeting Joranum and convincing him he was on his side.

Raych meets with Joranum and Namarti, and discuss many things. But while Namarti thinks what Raych says is ridiculous, Joranum believes him because he's Mycogenian. At first, this seems to make things worse for Demerzel, but ultimately, his belief leads to his downfall. In any event, all this was Hari's plan, which he claims was not Psychohistory. One thing he didn't plan on, however, was that Demerzel chose to leave office himself, after the crisis was over, and Cleon made Hari his new First Minister, a position Hari didn't want.

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