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CLEON I -- The last Galactic Emperor of the Entun Dyntasy. He was born in the year 11988 GE, the same year in which Hari Seldon was born. (It is thought that Seldon's birthdate, which some consider doubtful, may have been adjusted to match that of Cleon, whom Seldon, soon after his arrival on Trantor, is supposed to have encountered.) Having succeeded to the Imperial throne in 12010 GE at the age of twenty-two, Cleon I's reign represented a curious interval of quiet in those troubled times. This is undoubtedly due to the skills of his Chief of Staff, Eto Demerzel, who so carefully obscured himself from public record that little is known about him. Cleon himself...

Cleon I
Born 11988 GE
Died 12038 GE
Gender Male
Affiliation Emperor of the Empire
Era(s) Galactic Era

Emperor Cleon, First of the Name, last of the Entun Dynasty, lived from 11,988 GE to 12,038 GE, and reigned over the Galactic Empire during the period in which Hari Seldon developed his theories of psychohistory. Cleon I is first mentioned in Prelude to Foundation, in which he is attracted to Seldon's speech during the Decennial Convention, and thus invites him for a personal interview. It is from him that Seldon escapes during The Flight, fearing to be turned into an Imperial Puppet. Cleon I, although able to apprehend Seldon, does not do so on the advice of his First Minister, Eto Demerzel (a.k.a. R. Daneel Olivaw).


Cleon I undoubtedly reigned during the diminishing years of the Empire, and under his reign the deterioration of the Galaxy was more and more pronounced. However, he considered himself a democrat, though he often wished to exert his authority forcefully, something he was prevented from doing by his two First Ministers, Eto Demerzel and later Hari Seldon.

Cleon I was assassinated during a plot organized by remnants of the Joranumite Conspiracy. Although the conspirators only tried to kill the First Minister, Heri Seldon, a disgruntled gardener named Gruber (who had recently been appointed Head Gardener of the Imperial Palace and resented the appointment) was able to exploit the panic and chaos created by the initial assassination attempt to kill Cleon I.